Hiroshi Watanabe on PROOF

We asked each photographer in our current show PROOF to explain what the contact sheet reveals about their progress and way of thinking. Here is what Hiroshi Watanabe had to say:

“For me, as a film photographer, contact sheets are a very important step and big part of my creative process. There are two types of photographic artists – ones who create based on his/her visionary ideas and ones who document reality and develops his/her ideas from that reality. I am the latter one. When I photograph, I keep my mind open and photograph what intrigues me. In essence, I merely document them. And mostly, I forget about them. I discover what I photographed in my contacts sheets and I study them. I ponder them. I select what surprises me, teaches me, and stirs my emotions and then make prints. Unlike digital, I cannot see what is exactly on my film until I print the contact sheets. That uncertainty is what drives me to create.” – Hiroshi Watanabe


El Arbolito Park, Quito, Ecuador, 2002
El Arbolito Park, Quito, Ecuador Contact Sheet, 2002

2 thoughts on “Hiroshi Watanabe on PROOF

  1. First of all, GO FILM !!!

    That being said, like you I am a film photographer and I create based on previsualization as well as taking a documentary approach. My proof sheets serve to instruct and enlighten me as well as serve as a labor saving device. Your proof shows me that I need to keep my mind open to a greater degree and be open to unexpected opportunities that may present thenmselves.

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