PROOF opening reception

Last night was the opening reception for our summer show PROOF. We had a great turnout and everyone was excited to be viewing contact sheets along with the selected image. Michelle Keim and Julie Blackmon, photographers in the show, told me they did not want to participate in the show at first. They did not want to show the raw, unfinished images on their contact sheet. As Catherine has said, it is like looking in their underwear drawer or reading their diary. We are thrilled they [and the other 24 photographers] did decide to share with us. They may feel exposed in a way, but as I viewer we learn so much more about their process and how they shoot through the contact sheets. Come check out the show and see some “underwear”!

PROOF opening reception

PROOF opening reception
Artists at the opening reception from left to right: Michelle Keim, Julie Blackmon, Ron Gordon, Terry Evans and Jeffrey Wolin

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