Michael Kenna @ the Palazzo Magnani

The night after we held the opening of our 17th Michael Kenna show, Michael had another opening at the Palazzo Magnani in Italy. It is one of several museum exhibitions that Michael will be a part of this year, and he sent us a few photos taken in and around the show. We were able to get a crude translation of the “graffiti” on his exhibition poster, but if anyone else can translate it please let us know what it says in the comments section.

Palazzo Magnani exterior
Exhibition poster at cafe
Michael Kenna at exhibition
Michael Kenna at exhibition
Exhibition poster with graffiti

One thought on “Michael Kenna @ the Palazzo Magnani

  1. Hello Trevor, I’m Nicola from Reggio Emilia, and I loved this exibition of Michael Kenna! Good pictures yours too! The man who writes this graffiti is a mad one and I know him… he spend all of his time writing things everywhere!
    I’ll try a traslation of this one, it might sound like this: ‘How much time will the human woman continue to make the man cry for seeing water’.
    I’m not able to speak or write in english, but all I can say to you is that this one has no sense even in italian!

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