Terry Evans’ Greenland photographs

During the grey days of March and February I still have a great view from my desk—Terry Evans’ aerial photographs. I recently learned why there are multiple colors of water within a single image. The pool of green water comes directly from the sea.  The bright turquoise pool of water is melted glacier that remains separated from the sea water. The color comes from minerals in the glacier. In speaking with Terry about this, she also told me about her fascination and confusion with her inability to judge the size and scale of the ice because there were no human markers. It is hard to believe that the front of the glaciers are 70m high, roughly a 20 story building.  You can view more of Terry’s Greenland Glacier series here.

Ice Fjord leading to Jakobshavn Glacier #4, 2008
Ice Fjord leading to Jakobshavn Glacier, 2008
Disko Bay iceberg path between, 2008


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