Josephine Sacabo – Inside the Artist’s Studio

Today in “Inside the Artist Studio” we visit Josephine Sacabo’s studio in New Orleans.

“The way I set up the studio, the guiding principle for it, was to create a space for reverie. Every object, fabric, etc. in there is evocative in some way for me and sets me daydreaming. There is a magic mirror/screen in there and every object or person I photograph reflected in it becomes a metaphor of itself. The first large room is for shooting and lounging and reading and thinking and daydreaming.  The second room is my workshop which is probably not much different from printing workshops have been since Guttenberg. There are drawers for papers, inks, and my beautiful press which is in itself a masterpiece of design and function. On the walls I have copies of works by artists that inspire me like Goya and Rédon.”  -Josephine Sacabo

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