A few new Witkin images for Wednesday

Below are four new photographs from Joel-Peter Witkin.  Let us know what you think.

Madame Jeanne, Bogota, 2009

Madame Louismille sobbed in the corridors of the hospital. The hours went by slowly, anguish was at its most acute. It was then that an intern dressed in scarlet came to lay on the knees of the lady a box filled with rose petals, containing her beloved son’s penis.

Retrato de una Mosca, Bogota, 2009 Joel-Peter Witkin

Empire, 2009

Priest Pederast, 2009


One thought on “A few new Witkin images for Wednesday

  1. Witkin is probably the contemporary photographer who I respect the most. His shocking images, painstakingly crafted are unforgettable. He has spawned legions of immitators, none who come anywhere close to his original vision.

    At this stage in his career, he is competing with himself and his classic images.

    I think these hold up well but do not rival his earlier masterpieces. Happy to see that he’s still creating new work.

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