Gregory Scott – “Outside The Frame” Opening Day

Yesterday was a very busy and exciting day at CEG.  It started with Gregory Scott giving a private talk to the Rena Sternberg Gallery, Inc tour group and then headed into his opening reception where we celebrated his first solo show and the debut of seven new works. At the forefront of his craft, Gregory combines photography, painting, and video (all with the latest technology).  Every piece reflects the personality of the artist and questions how we look at art.  Humorous, narrative, contemplative, and abstract, these fascinating videos have been captivating viewers until now, only at art fairs.  We are very pleased to present Gregory Scott’s Outside The Frame exhibition to the greater public and welcome everyone to the gallery to view the work in person.  The show remains up through January 2, 2010.

Afternoon Private Talk With the Artist
Private Afternoon Talk With the Artist
Gregory Scott Opening Reception, Nov. 6th 5-7p.m.
Gregory Scott Opening Reception

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