Collectors Critique

Dinner for One, 2009

I was reminded recently—while bouncing around the blogosphere—that DLK Collection, an excellent blog written by and for fine art photography collectors, had put out a call for other collectors around the world to contribute gallery reviews to the site.  Chicago was among the nine cities listed as being of particular interest in finding a volunteer “correspondent,” but I have yet to see any reviews from my hometown.  If you’re interested in adding your voice to the dialogue about photographic work being shown, then read over the post with the guidelines for reviews and send DLK Collection an email to introduce yourself.  Even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer, then you should still take the time to check out the DLK Collection blog.  At a time when mainstream media is cutting its art coverage, we need—and appreciate—the work that blogs like DLK and its volunteer critics do to pick up the mantle.

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