Inside the artist’s studio: Gregory Scott

For those unfamiliar with the work of Gregory Scott, or for all of those who have tried explaining it to others in their excitement, we now have a great step-by-step visual explanation of his creation process.  In preparation for his first one-person show, Outside the Frame, opening Friday,  November 6, 2009, Catherine stopped by his studio and snapped a couple behind-the-scene shots of the artist in action at his Chicago studio.  Scott, well known for being on the cutting edge of contemporary photography, combines his love of painting, photography and video into each piece.

In attempting to answer the million dollar question, “How does he do that?!” check out the third image, where we attempt to answer it through one of his latest works, Hotel, 2009.  The image on his computer is the photographic part which he then paints directly on (see the last picture). The small green screen behind the bed shows the placement of the monitor and the green strips on the left and right are simply used as cropping guides for the video.  Stay tuned to his artist’s page for a quick time video of this piece.

Gregory Scott 1

Gregory Scott Studio

Gregory Studio 3

Hotel (2009)

One thought on “Inside the artist’s studio: Gregory Scott

  1. Gregory’s work is fantastic. When viewing it, I’m aware of his keen sense of art history and theory. What is refreshing, however, is the way that he includes humor in order to draw me in and keep my attention. There are few contemporary artists that are able to combine both so well.

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