From the flat files: Bruce Davidson

It’s a dreary Chicago afternoon, and whether you were for or against—or just tired of hearing about—the 2016 Olympic bid, I think that as Chicagoans we can look forward to time when Chicago is no longer synonymous with Al Capone.  I decided to take a moment to look back, and view some work featuring Chicago that we have in our flat files.  Below are some gelatin silver prints taken by Bruce Davidson in 1963:

Chicago, 1963
Chicago, 1963
Chicago, 1963
Chicago, 1963

2 thoughts on “From the flat files: Bruce Davidson

  1. Though I appreciate Davidson’s work, I think that there are several photographers that do a much better job of describing Chicago’s unique landscape. Bob Thall, Harry Callahan, Gary Stochl, and Barbara Crane, for example. The Davidson images that you posted don’t teach me much about “Chicago,” but are rather nice examples of how well Davidson could compose things within the frame.

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