Inside the artist’s studio: Rocky Schenck

Rocky Schenk In His Studio With Assistants

How many people ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at their favorite photographer’s studio?  What they do for fun, how they prepare for their next project, what ideas they are experimenting with, and quite possibly what their favorite cocktail is?! Well, last month, Rocky Schenck was the cover story for Rangefinder magazine and the article not only provides a great deal of background information on him and his practices, but also used this wonderful shot of Rocky with his three assistants.  As Schenck writes in the article:

Working From Home:  Since my home is my studio for a lot of my commercial and portrait work, I have the freedom to spend hours and sometimes days pre-lighting certain assignments.  I have the luxury of time to perfect my lighting design without the pressure of a client breathing down my neck.  After each shoot, there are usually celebratory cocktails for all.”

So, while we can have a better picture as to what might be going on inside this artist’s studio, the jury is still out as to what those “celebratory cocktails” might be! To read the entire Rangefinder Magazine article, click here.

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