In Focus

In Focus is a program that I’m very excited about. It was created for a number of different reasons, but mainly because I noticed that within my group of friends there was a real desire to learn about contemporary photography. I also noticed that among them they seemed to feel educationally disconnected from the entire process, making it feel very intimidating and unapproachable.  After talking with others, I realized my friends were not alone, and in my efforts of wanting to answer everyone’s questions and bridge the gap between interested individuals and their curiosities, I came up with the idea of In Focus.

The program is intended to bring together like minded people with similar interests in a relaxed learning environment. We hope to create a solid foundation of understanding and knowledge for all who attend and in doing so, it is our intent to make individuals feel comfortable when deciphering their personal taste, and to instill confidence when approaching galleries and making future decisions.

For more information and to sign up for In Focus, please click here.

Please contact Jen Leutner with any questions

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